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Everyone loves Google for searching online, but did you know they also offer other tools for your Web based enjoyment? Google's technicians are a very talented group and they're constantly at work developing new and fun services. You'll find a complete list at

Let's take a look at the many faces of Google:

1) Google Free:

A free search engine for your website. Allow visitors to search your site or the Web. If you select the "safe search" option, adult themed web pages will be excluded from any Web search results that are shown.

2) Google Groups:

Allows you to create, join and even search other mailing lists. Create your own newsletter/ezine at no charge.

3) Google Answers:

More than 500 hand-picked researchers, willing to answer any question you may have for a fee. Prices start as low as $2.50 and go up from there. If you're trying to do some research for a project and are running short on time, this could come in very handy.

4) Google Catalogs:

Search and browse mail-order catalogs online. Hundreds of catalogs on a variety of topics, from Apparel to Computers. View full contents of each catalog right online.

5) Froogle:

A shopping service that makes it easy to find information about thousands of products for sale on the Net. Find the best price and the best place to purchase.

6) Google Image Search:

Search over 880 million images. Search results are displayed as thumbnails. By clicking on them individually you can view the graphic at full size.

7) Local Search:

Maybe you don't want to search the world; you need to find things in your own backyard. Use local search to find businesses and services close by.

8) Google News:

If you like your daily dose of World News and the top headlines, you can browse over 4,500 news sources here. Continually updated.

9) Google Deskbar/Toolbar:

This downloadable toolbar allows you to conduct searches at Google from any website. Includes a pop up stopper and the ability to post to your Blogger account (if you have one).

If you prefer to search from your desktop, download their "Deskbar" and search without even launching your browser. 

10) University Search: 

Looking for information on a specific school? Google's University Search serves up admission information, Alumni News and even course schedules.

11) Google Wireless: 

If you thought you had to leave Google at home when you're on the move you can now conduct searches via your wireless phone. See the site for specific directions for searching from your device.

12) Language Tools: 

The Internet serves a global audience and English is not everyone's first language. With Language Tools you can translate blocks of text or an entire Web page by typing in the URL.

13) Google Web Alerts/News Alerts:

Great for monitoring a certain topic or even your competition. Type in a search word or phrase and select how often you wish to be notified. You'll receive an email when updated news on your subject appears online.

14) Blogger:

Not located at Google but owned by them, Blogger is a free service for creating your own Blogs. Communicate with the world on your own terms. If you use Blogger and download Google's Toolbar, you can easily post to your Blog while surfing the Web. This is a very handy feature. They've also adding the ability to add photos to your Blog and audio messages. Check out [1]

Have you ever heard of "Google Labs"? It's basically a testing playground for the technicians who work at Google. New ideas for tools are placed there for the public to use and give feedback on. This area is considered the "experimental phase" and not all demos are guaranteed to make it out of the lab "alive." It's a very cool place to experiment with new tools. You'll find it at

As you can see, Google is far more then just a search engine. Their many tools and services can help you in your Web based travels to be more informed and efficient. Google's runaway success stems from the fact that they have always listened to and served the public. You can see this in the creativity they bring to everything they do.

Next time you need to perform a specific task online, remember Google contains a full array of handy gadgets and they may have just what you're looking for!,

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